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The consolidation time of high embankments can be significantly accelerated by using prefabricated vertical drain (PVD). With the knowledge of the field soil structure, it can be installed with a specific raster layout and stapling depth using special excavator-mounted stapling towers with the same height as the installation depth.


In the structural design of the drainage strip, the unique combination of the patented, special drainage core structure and non-woven geotextile increases the water flow capacity by more than 50%, thus the efficiency of consolidation compared to other technologies.


The use of geotube dewatering technology is recommended in areas where it would be costly to transport and treat the extracted sludge or sludge due to its high liquid content.


The peculiar fabric structure of the geotube collects the dry matter content of the sludge inside the bag, and the non-contaminating liquid easily leaves through the pores of the woven geotextile and can be returned to the environment. In the case of contaminant treatment, the technology process takes place in a closed system,

separating the escaping hazardous liquid.


With this technology, the amount of sludge to be treated and transported is reduced by an order of magnitude, with which the transport and handling costs are a fraction of the original.



Enkamat A20 is a strong, open-structure, three-dimensional mattress made of high-quality polyamide (PA). The 3D fiber structure is saturated with 2-6 mm bitumen-bound stone chips, so the mattress weighs 20 kg/m2 and has a water permeability of 30 mm/s up to a precipitation intensity of 100 mm. Enkamat A20 provides immediate erosion protection, even at high water speeds or at low waves, allowing vegetation to settle over the entire surface. It provides a perfect and immediate solution for the protection of riverbanks, reservoirs, flood protection embankments and built-up canals.


The use of solid-covered bed protection is recommended in all cases where strong drift or undulation is expected and the establishment of vegetation is not a requirement. It can be built to protect ports, artefact foundations and pipelines, or at the connection of estuary inlets where the flow rate increases.


Enka®Mattress prefabricated geotextile mattresses are available in factory sizes or in custom sizes according to project parameters. Prefabricated mattresses should be properly secured on site and filled with liquid concrete. Water cannot seep through the solidified mattress, creating a strong layer of protection.

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