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Function: Insulation

The geosynthetic clay liner (GCL) contains a mineral bentonite powder fixed with needle punched technology between two layers of geotextile, which swells and becomes watertight when exposed to moisture. Needle felting ensures to provide high shear resistance of the composite, uniform thickness and prevents displacement of the filler. The bentonite quilt has a self-healing property, it can make minor surface damage and holes continuous with the help of wet bentonite flowing in their direction.


The bentonite liners are available with bentonite fillers of different area densities, the required type can be determined in each case by designing in the light of the installation conditions. A special version is available, where the geotextile substrate is provided with an additional waterproof coating to increase the insulation effect.


If you do not have precise parameters regarding the geosynthetic you are looking for, please ask our colleagues for expert help in choosing the right bentonite liner.

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