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Function: Erosion control

The Enkamat 7018 erosion protection mat functions as a protective-reinforcing and integrated intermediate layer between the natural vegetation and the soil. It provides protection both above and below the water, thus providing a definitive solution. The vegetation soon settles on it, its roots are strengthened by the special mattress structure of Enkamat 7018.


Enkamat 7018 can be used in many areas where erosion occurs, such as watercourses, embankments, cuts and spillover.


• Final and green solution • Open structure encourages fast plant growth • Strengthens plant roots • Discreetly blends into the landscape • Good contact with soil • Easily adapted to different soil conditions • Individual fibers are strongly bonded • More than 90% - with open space • Lightweight, flexible and does not float on water • High UV resistance • Maintenance-free


If you do not have the exact parameters for the geosynthetics you are looking for, please ask our colleagues for expert help in choosing the right erosion protection mat.

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