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Function: Separation, Protection, Drainage

The Enkadrain product family offers a wide range of drainage geocomposites consisting of a polymer drainage core and a protective and filter nonwoven geotextile attached to it on one or both sides.


We offer the following Drainage Geocomposites:


  • Enkadrain B10 10 mm thick for draining composite structures, built structures, basement walls, green roofs

  • Enkadrain ST 10-20 mm thick, for leaking composite parking roofs, tunnels, shotcrete structures exposed to loads and other needs

  • Enkadrain 5004 product family for dewatering large-area drainage composite landfills and as a capillary breaker layer for earthworks


If you do not have the exact parameters for the geosynthetic you are looking for, please ask our colleagues for expert help in selecting the right drainage geocomposite.

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