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Function: Erosion control

The geotextile made of degradable and non-degradable layers contains grass seeds, so it is excellent for grassing sloping surfaces. By installing it, grassing is easy to carry out, the geotextile protects the vegetation from dehydration and the sloping surface from erosion until the vegetation strengthens. It can be used for slope protection of embankments and cuts up to a 45˙ degree, for the recultivation of landfills, for the restoration of natural vegetation, for trench cover and for grassing of soil retaining walls.


We offer the following Grass Seed Geotextiles:


  • Degradable grass core geotextile from 100% cotton


  • Non - degradable grass core geotextile of synthetic fiber material



If you do not have the exact parameters for the geosynthetics you are looking for, please ask our colleagues for expert help in choosing the right grass seed geotextile.

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