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Function: Separation, Filtration, Protection, Drainage

The nonwoven geotextile is a product, which suits a broad spectrum of application scenarios and functions on the full spectrum of geoshyntetics. Our company represents multiple manufacturers, which allows us to offer the best solution for all kind of application scenarios and budgets with a broad variety of quality nonwovens.

  • 100% polypropylene with great mechanical bearing capacity, GRK2, GRK3, GRK4, GRK5 robustness class geotextiles with 100 years of durabilty,


  • PP / PE mixed fiber non-woven geotextiles for areas  with medium mechanical  stress, with 5 years of durability,

  • Geotextiles based on 100%  recycled polyester, with lower strength values, 5 year service life, for less exposed applications.

If you do not have precise parameters regarding to geosynthetics, please ask our colleagues for expert help in choosing the right geotextile.

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