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Function: Separation, Filtration, Protection, Drainage, Detection

With georadar measurement we can investigate the changes of the railway substructure without destruction. The interface for amplifying georadar signals is provided by radar sensors placed on the geotextile. In addition to its original properties, the nonwoven geotextile is complemented by a detection function that allows the tracking of changes in the substructure layer order.


The technical parameters of geosynthetics that can be installed in a railway substructure are specified in D.11. It is regulated by a substructure instruction, so the geotextile detectable by radar must have a minimum GRK4 robustness class. In addition to the stresses of installation and traffic load, it is necessary for the geotextile to provide adequate mechanical protection for the aluminum sensors.


If you do not have precise parameters regarding the geosynthetics you are looking for, please ask our colleagues for expert help in choosing the right geotextile type.

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