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Function: Reinforcement, Erosion control

The geocell is a three-dimensional grid with a unique honeycomb structure. It is made of HDPE  rawmaterial, which are connected to each other by ultrasonic welding as well as perforated and textured strips, which ensure soil retention with the free movement of water. Its design allows it to take on any relief shape,  the cells can be freely an easily shaped during installation.


The field of application of a geocell can be twofold:


  • In the case of slope protection:  the geocells are enclosing the soil particles, as a result they are protected against leaching and ensuring reduced erosion. 

  • In the case of soil stabilization:  the geocell significantly reduces costs while maintaining the required parameters. The main areas of applications include road reconstruction, furthermore it can be used to increase load capacity anywhere from forest paths, through local roads through main roads.


If you do not have precise parameters regarding the geosynthetics you are looking for, please ask our colleagues for expert help in selecting the right geocell type.

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